We love to share our innovations with our customers: garden centres and other professionals from the industry. That is why you can find the Little XS Hydrangea increasingly more often in multiple garden centres. This is a type of hydrangea developed by us, which remains small and does not have to be cut. It is presented on a trendy display that we created. And we were also asked to supply a part of the Ilex crenata Dark Green for the 24-kilometre hedge at Het Loo Palace.

Of course, we offer a wide assortment of other garden plants, besides our exclusive types. This includes more than 200 items spread out over 7 hectare.

Delivery of these products is always very easy and in full. The multiple items will be, if required, provided with a bar code, sales price, POS material, and delivered on a cart, ready to sell. We also love to do that.

A brief overview of our new types:

  • Hydrangea macr. Little XS
  • Hydrangea macr. Rembrandt
  • Hydrangea pan. ‘Butterfly’
  • I-lexit ‘Dark Green’
  • Escallonia leavis ‘Pink Elle’
  • Euonymus jap. ‘Paloma Blanca’
  • Strobilanthes ‘Brunetthy’
  • Viburnum plic. ‘Kilimandjaro’
  • Viburnum plic. ‘Kilimandjaro Sunrise’
  • Viburnum tinus ‘Lisa Rose’